Why Work With Roper?

There are hundreds of companies with thousands of jobs available to make ends meet in Northwest Georgia.  So why would you want to start your career at Roper?  Hear from some of our employees in the their own words what makes Roper the Best of the Best Industrial Employer in North Georgia.  Apply today to join our team.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Roper family.

Roper Corporation named 2021 NGA Best of Best Employer Industrial Manufacturing

Chucky Ware - Lean Department

“The opportunities for advancement are amazing!“

Ben Canedo - Org. Development

“You get to work with the best people in North Georgia (including Fred)“

Fred Shropshire - Process Improvement

"I love the diversity of the people, the inclusion, and the family feel!"

Veronica Evans - Materials Dept.

“I got to graduate with a degree debt free!“

Janice Mulkey - Industrial Eng. Team