There are many opportunities for growth here at Roper Corporation.

Twenty-one-year-old Calista Ware needed a steady job in 2005 that would support she and her then one-year old son. So, she turned to Roper Corporation, the employer of choice – as it is now – in her area and a company that she knew firsthand supported its employees. Calista's father, Chucky, has worked for Roper for 14 years and her grandmother, Sally, retired from the company in 1996 after 22 years. Ware accepted a job in manufacturing on line two.

Today, 16 years later, Ware is an Industrial Engineer Technician focusing on process improvements for HR. "I loved working on the line, but people from Lean and other departments kept encouraging me to take more leadership roles," she said.  Ware was determined to succeed.  She applied to the lean department seven times, each time barely missing the job, but she persevered. "Each time I didn't get the job, someone came to talk to me and encouraged me to keep applying, coaching me on how to improve. Earning my degree was always on the list."

Thankfully for the business, Ware listened to others, and to the inner voice that kept nudging her to move forward. After working on the line for 10 years, Ware moved into a Team Leader role and enrolled at Belhaven ​University to start earning her degree. She completed her associate's degree in business administration and had just enrolled in coursework to complete her bachelor's in business management when the pandemic hit. "I am not a digital learner," Ware declared, "but I adjusted and did it." She completed her degree in December. "I'm so thankful to Roper for their educational assistance program. I couldn't have earned my degree without it."

Calista Ware isn't the only family member to receive encouragement from Roper employees. Her dad, Chucky Ware, also received encouragement to apply for jobs, but this time it was from an employee he knew had his best interests at heart, daughter Calista. "My dad has always been a leader, so I encouraged him to also apply for the same lean job I applied for," she explained. "He was reluctant because he didn't want to take a job from me. But I told him we could both apply, and we'd see what happened." Her dad Chucky ultimately got the job as a Continuous Improvement associate but Ware wasn't discouraged. It was during this time that she focused on earning her degrees.

Is there a fourth generation of the Ware family in the near future? Perhaps. "My son sees, through the generations of examples in our family, there are many opportunities for growth here at Roper Corporation."