La atención médica de calidad en las zonas rurales de Georgia siempre ha sido un desafío. El exclusivo Centro de Bienestar Medico de Roper Corporation brinda atención médica de servicio completo a los empleados y sus familias, llenando un vacío de atención médica que la Oficina Estatal de Salud Rural de Georgia (SORH) está trabajando arduamente para reducir.

Wellness CenterRoper Corporation has provided an onsite Wellness Center since 2011, which includes primary care, urgent care, occupational health services, physical therapy, onsite labs, mental health counseling, individual dietary counseling, and prescription medications to its more than 2,000 employees and their families ages two and above. Serving the medical needs of families remains a unique advantage for Roper Corporation employees.

“To make healthcare more convenient and impactful for our employees we offer health and wellness services onsite with a dedicated medical clinic for both the employees and their families,” said Director of Human Resources, Darcy Duvall.  “The onsite clinic provides quality care that is more affordable to the employee by having a lower co-pay and providing basic prescription drugs.  All of this combined with the convenience of being onsite helps improve employees’ overall health and well-being”.

Conveniently located on Roper’s campus, the Wellness Center is open Monday-Saturday, with appointments starting as early as 7:00 a.m. during the week.  Roper Wellness is managed by CareATC who provides Roper employees and their families with expert, high-quality healthcare with a hometown feel.

With the convenience and ease of scheduling same-day appointments, employees and their family members visited the clinic 32,360 times in 2019. Patients of the Wellness Center benefit from nutrition counseling, smoking cessation support, and chronic condition management. One of the Wellness Center’s current focuses is reducing the high risk of blood pressure by increasing early intervention, conducting individual telephonic outreach, and working to identify employees who are being followed by an outside provider.